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Choosing An Agent

Consider the following when choosing a real estate professional:

  1. Buying a lake home  is not the same as buying a city home.  There are too many factors that can make the different between a great lake location and one that frustrates you.The agent must know the market area and trends. Cedar Creek Lake is a highly specialized market and experience, knowledge of the market, the lake the locations is vital in properly representing a client.  An agent without experience and knowledge of this market is unable to offer the input and advise necessary to making an informed decision, whether you are a buyer or a seller.
  1. Select a listing agent on the basis of what they and their company can do for you. Discounting commissions does not necessarily result in saved dollars.  A real estate professional working for a professional agency can and will insure the best price and quickest sale.
  1. The agent should be a full time professional with training and experience, sales volume and proven performance in marketing homes.
  1. The agent should be detail oriented and be able to provide up to date information on deed restrictions, financing alternatives, title company requirements and inspections.
  1. The agent’s company should have an impeccable reputation with strong market penetration.
  1. The agent must communicate with you regularly, not just when you call for a status report or for information.
  1. The agent should preview your home, ask questions and provide a documented comparative market analysis to help determine fair value. They should be able to explain how they determined the suggested sales price given current market trends and your particular property and location.  They should also offer suggestions for making improvements to enhance your home’s selling power and curb appeal.
  1. And most importantly, your agent should be the kind of person who cares about you and your needs. The relationship between agent and seller should be based upon mutual trust, respect and loyalty.  A positive connection between client and agent is essential to a successful result.