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Preparing Your Home For The Market

Before The Yard Sign and Advertising:

  • Remove clutter throughout.
  • Replace light bulbs in each lamp and fixture to the maximum allowable wattage.
  • Wash the bulbs and lenses of all lamps and fixtures.
  • Wash all windows exterior and interior.
  • Wash spaces between the windows.
  • Open all blinds, shades, and drapes to maximize natural light.
  • Consider removing heavy drapes or curtains to brighten your home.
  • Remove items that you will not be moving to your next home, give to charity now.
  • Remove furniture from hallways and narrow foyers.
  • Move items that impede entry or clear sight into a room.
  • Remove everything from kitchen and bathroom counters and desktops.  Items used daily may neatly remain.
  • Remove anything on stairways.
  • Thoroughly clean everywhere paying special attention to kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Clean carpets or look at replacing carpet if it cannot be cleaned.
  • Touch up appliances and walls if paint has been chipped.
  • Clean all AC/Heat vents including return air vents.
  • Have your lawn in tiptop shape mowed, trimmed shrubs, and weed free beds.
  • Exterior should be painted if needed.
  • The front door should be cleaned and freshly painted, if necessary.
  • Interior should have fresh paint as well.
  • Locks should work perfectly.
  • Faucets should not drip.
  • Pet beds, litter pans, and so forth should be clean and out of sight.
  • Eliminate pet and smoke odors.
  • A shiny clean and pleasant smelling home will invite buyers to linger rather than run through quickly.
  • Powerwash exterior of house and boat dock.
  • Repair loose boards on walkway and boat dock

Finishing Touches:

  • Spray a subtle fragrance throughout your home. One that is not overpowering.
  • Slice and bake cookies just out of the oven, if you have time, create a homey smell.
  • Turn all lights on and open all window shades.
  • Pets should be kenneled or away while your home is shown, if possible.
  • Make every effort to leave when your home is shown. Buyers are more comfortable and will talk openly with their Realtor when owners are not present.
  • Let the Realtor showing your home do their job. It makes it easier for us to get feedback
  •  on the buyers thoughts and comments about your home.