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Time to Go Shopping

The decision is made to at least seriously look at lake homes. By now hopefully you have researched Cedar Creek Lake and chosen an agent to work with. One quick note here is that while you may want to try to look on your own, you will find that with over 300 miles of shoreline and over 300 different additions, that is not an easy thing to do. We fully realize you may not want to bother an agent or waste their time but that is truly why we are here. And if you decide to use an agent, pick just one. Best that way for all parties.

Contact us and let us begin to help you in the process. We will want to know what you are looking for and expecting from a lakehouse and especially what price range. If you have seen some of interest online then email them to us for thoughts and input. Based on your parameters we will send you homes that we think will be of interest and from those and some you want to see we will set up a time for you to come and see Cedar Creek.

The first trip down is primarily to accomplish three things: 1. first to see the lake and see if it is where you want to be. 2. for you to see in person what you get for the money and 3. for us to see what works for you and as importantly what does not.

Base on that trip and feedback, then we can get serious in the search, narrow parameters and look at homes that we feel are ones that might work.

Communication between you and us is vital and our sole goal is for you to find a home to enjoy for many years and to make wonderful lake memories.